March 7, 2022

In the end of 2021 I was contacted by a group of composers with a unique proposition. Created a generative art piece in collaboration with one of their composers, where I handled the visual and they would handle the audio. The score was then to be recorded by a symphonic orchestra before being combined with the visuals for the final piece.

I was not the only visual artist part of this. The whole collection featured work by Coldie, Nate Hill, and Anne Spalter among others. We were all given the same brief: A square animation featuring a doorway/portal in the middle.

At this point in time I had started to play with webGL and become intoxicated with its performance. I wanted to use it to see how the system I developed for emergence would look in motion.

We began to develop a narrative for the piece centered on the idea of a portal to a better world, battling with it’s bleak surroundings before finally overcoming it and spreading it’s energy to the world. With that narrative in hand, Royal could begin iterating on the score while I began to work on the mechanics of the visuals. It was quite fascinating to get a small glimpse into how music came to life for someone so visual-minded like me. Once the score was close to done I could begin to fit the visuals to it by meticulously registering the beats of the music and praying to god that the orchestra played it precisely. The result can be seen below.

I still can’t believe a piece of music exists only for the sake of my visual (and vice versa), and that it was played by a symphonic orchestra, but it I have the video to prove it:

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