Digital purchase (NFT)

Since early 2021 I have offered some of my work in the form of crypto art (NFT) which provides a way to ensure unique ownership of digital work. As some of my work is fully digital and further that code based art can be preserved on the blockchain this makes a lot of sense to me.

I started minting my art on Tezos in February 2021 on the newly started Hic et Nunc marketplace. In the late summer of 2021 I moved most of my activities to Ethereum and have stayed there since.

New to crypto art?

Crypto art is still a niche, both compared to the traditional art market and compared to the broader crypto market. It can be daunting to get a grip on the various steps required to purchase an NFT, but if you are interested there is a collection of how-to’s and articles available at

My best recommendation is to buy art you like, just as you would normally do, and leave any speculation of future value to traders and dealers.

Art available as NFTs

I have created quite a few pieces available as NFTs. All of the series can by seen under the “NFT” tag in the “Selected Work” page. There is not always pieces available directly from me but in general there should be some of my art available on the secondary market.

Depending on the series and which chains they’ve been minted on my work can be found on these marketplaces. I would advice you to only use the links below as they lead directly to my profile on the respective marketplace and thus ensures you don’t accidentally buy a fake piece of mine.


The following collaborations contain art by me that isn’t listed under my profiles above.


I have minted work from the following wallets.


  • 0x5A77b2D05Afb67EAcd8F9C7e98692dd1e2883cb3 (main)

  • 0xA0c34AcdEdA216Ee5424544FC885d7dafCA3c54C (old)


  • tz2Pkj2xWJovKKCsABjnr3NbyMVJTMBkpTvb