Folding Flow


May 18, 2021

Flow fields are nice. In fact, flow fields are so nice that they have a capacity to become boring. Having worked with flow fields before and after the release of Fidenza I can say that the success of Fidenza definitely brought some fatigue to the orderly arrangement of lines that flow fields are associated with. You can see my rebellion against that look in both Yonder and Winds where I tried to break up the flow in various ways and Folding Flow is yet another exercise in this.

The basic premise of the series is to have flow that in some areas are well-aligned and in some areas fold in on itself and begin to overlap. This basic idea turned out to be harder than first anticipated, at least if you want to keep the flow feeling natural. In order to emphasize the diverging flow that is the core of the series, each piece is duotone with the color related to which kind of flow the flow line is following.

The series consists of 4 colorways with 2 pieces for each for a total of 8 pieces. Four of these are available as prints and the other four was minted as NFTs on Hic et Nunc (you can e.g. see them on Teia now).

Lastly, this series was used as front cover for a teaching book on Calculus (15th edition of Thomas’ Calculus, published by Pearson Press)

Blockchain information

Chain Tezos
Contract Address KT1RJ6PbjHpwc3M5rw5s2Nbmefwbuwbdxton
Platform Hic et Nunc (Teia)
Token Standard FA2
Token ID 86725, 86730, 86734, 86743 (10ed)