August 10, 2021

Constructive was a turning point for me as an artist. While my art had certainly evolved since I started my journey, this series to me was my biggest departure and where I found my voice. It was created on the back of Rapture while I was waiting for it’s release and it was very much a response to many years of working with systems based on flow fields.

I had long been drawn to a more textured and messy look than my early work offered and Yonder and Winds where small steps towards this (in fact, at the end of 2020 I vowed that 2021 would be about improving my texture work) but with Constructive I ahcieved my vision for the first time.

Constructive 72

Constructive 72

Constructive 323

Constructive 323

At the time it felt like the texture was the biggest evolution this series represented, but looking back it is clear that what Constructive brought me was really a path away from flow fields. This would allow me to think much more clearly about composition in the work that followed, most notably Screens.


Two pieces in the series are offered as open edition prints. In addition a single unique print is available to the owner of the NFT unless the print has already been claimed.

Blockchain information

Constructive pieces were split between Ethereum and Tezos.

Chain Ethereum
Contract Address 0x3B3ee1931Dc30C1957379FAc9aba94D1C48a5405
Platform Foundation
Token Standard ERC-721
Token ID 71020, 71679, 72856, 73012, 75521, 75522, 77989, 78895, 79339

All pieces are single editions except for Constructive 210 minted on Tezos which is a 20ed set.

Chain Tezos
Contract Address KT1RJ6PbjHpwc3M5rw5s2Nbmefwbuwbdxton
Platform Hic et Nunc (Teia)
Token Standard FA2
Token ID 201032, 201895, 209256, 210758 (20ed)