September 30, 2023

Becoming is a small series of 5 curated pieces developed during 2023 and released in various ways. The first two was released on following my residency at Gazelli Art House and the third was part of Gucci × Christie’s Parallel Universes exhibition.

Becoming Gold, the piece that was exhibited by Gucci, is special in that it is not minted on my own contract, but also because it was created with a specific mixed-media physical in mind: A fine art print with gold leaf layering:

Becoming is a series that explores the tension between youthful naivety and rigid precision. Each piece consists of two layers; A lower layer of free flowing colors, with a texture reminiscent of water color, and a top layer of well-ordered, precisely placed shapes, applied in a manner evoking industrial production.

While often relegated to the realm of cold precision, computers are a vessel for both of the above emotions as captured in these pieces where the duality flows from the same algorithm, drawing on the same techniques.

Becoming is hopeful at it’s core. The top layer never eliminates the playfulness of the structure, in fact, it helps amplify it by providing a scaffold for the whimsical colors. It speaks to a feeling that the playful and the strict are not opposite sides of a spectrum but can coexist and amplify one another.

Blockchain information

Chain Ethereum
Contract Address 0x17A2B8964819DBFb8f127838375eaC8A874dA904
Platform Manifold
Token Standard ERC-721
Token ID 3-6

Becoming Gold was minted on a separate contract

Chain Ethereum
Contract Address 0xc2223ee780429Abecf15e2A418aD8ce861b38630
Platform Gucci Art Space
Token Standard ERC-721
Token ID 1008